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Society6 Finds

In a matter of weeks, I am l-o-v-ing Society6. The site gives designers, artists, and illustrators a platform for selling their prints + products without having to produce + ship them.

I already dove in and put up a bunch of designs, available for purchase as art prints (some framed), stationery, iPhone cases, t-shirts, pillows, and so forth.

But today, I want to share with you some of the breathtaking and inspiring artwork I’ve found while scanning the site. Links to the work for purchase are below, too.

society6 finds1) We’re Only Young Once by Laura Ruth
2) breaktime by Dibec
3) Further Away by Dibec
4) Meet Me In San Francisco by Laura Ruth
5) Splat by Jenny Liz Rome
6) Out Of All Them Bright Stars II by Hyein Lee
7) Take A Deep Breath by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo
8) Hope Anchor by Ryan Johnson
9) Ferris Wheel by Cassia Beck
10) Blue Autumn, Pink Leaves on Blue, Turquoise, Green, Aqua Sky by Andrea Caroline
11) Misty Road by Alyssa Ott Photography & Design
12) Nothing Compares by Justjeff

Printable // Big Things Worksheet

It’s already August. Where did the summer go?

I’m sort of in full-on fall mode, burning my pumpkin spice candle and sliding my arms into my inside-out hoodie (laziness, much?) even though it’s one of the hottest months of the year. I’ll drink hot tea any day of the week so long as I’m indoors.

But what I love most about August is the newness. I’m never fully prepared for it come January, and with holiday after holiday hitting us like riptide waves from November to January, when the clock strikes midnight I’m lucky if I’ve put much thought into my outfit let alone the areas in my life where change is needed.

And yet. This growing up thing, this 20-something on-your-own thing, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We have the chance to make it something special, if we begin by putting a drop of intention into our morning cereal bowl.

I’ve always been ambitious. Of that, I am sure. But it’s hard to feel good about ambition when you’re not sure where you’re driving, what future you want to carve out.

That’s where the Big Things Worksheet comes into play. I’ve labeled a couple key aspects of life (career can mean anything from taking classes to interviewing to beefing up the LinkedIn profile; and relationships don’t have to be solely romantic – or human-to-human, for that matter) for you to think on and jot down some Big Things you want to make happen.

Pen + paper? Now that’s a beautiful thing.




Coral // Peach // Lime // Blue

Art Prints

I have fallen in love with graphic design. If was bound to happen, the next step in a long line of nostalgic photo collages + scrapbook pages + Xanga icons I designed (and will cringe at forever) as an angsty teenager, fit to ride around with my sunroof open and my wannabe alternative music blaring through the speakers.

A while back, I joined Society6, but it has taken me until now to actually post anything for sale. I’ve got two art prints available now, one an ocean shot from my stay in Ft. Lauderdale and one an illustration of a girl, inspired by this blog post about losing a dad.

You can also grab them in stretched canvases, stationery cards, iPod and iPhone skins and framed art prints, which makes me giddy with excitement.

(I was, after all, the girl who was raised to buy the same shirt in 4 colors if I liked how it looked on me and it was priced well. So leave it to me to want to give you options.)

I hope you’ll hop over + at least check them out, maybe share with a friend or give it a thumbs up/heart/favorite/like (whatever they call it). I’d appreciate the encouragement, if nothing else.

Personal Branding 01

Personal branding feels like the hardest task when you’re 23 + have no idea where you’ll be in 20 years. You’ve got two things to go on: where you’ve been for the last 23 years + where your heart is pulling you at this moment.

I know myself to be patient. I know myself in the strength of the ocean’s tide, dirty salt water riding across my back, leg muscles aching to stay afloat, stomach grinding against sand and rock trapped between myself + my surfboard, waiting for the wave that will drive me home.

It takes a certain kind of girl to fall in love with the rhythm of the sea while the rest of the lot make eyes at boys engaging in a pick-up volleyball set. To be content in the way the aloneness of it all feels less like a threat and more like a promise. To swallow the sweat + tears of thousands of years of change with one unexpected crest breaking across her back.

For me, the ocean has always been a source of joy. Of strength. Of change and fresh starts.

As I write this, rain strikes the tin roof like spaghetti pots laid on the deck for toddlers to thwack with tiny palms. And I know, sure as I’ve known anything in this life, that my personal brand must begin with the calm power of blues + greens.

These are my preliminary drafts. Would I love your thoughts? Ab-so-lutely.